Hello, World

I used to study the United States Senate, but now my day job is research on computational representations of human languages. Meanwhile, on the side, I futilely contemplate about physics, philosophy, and the design of government institutions.


An Incomplete List of Things that I Appreciate

The Scientific Method.

Podcasts, arboretums, and piano concertos.

Driving, cooking, and coffee brewing.



“Why should one section be taxed to construct a public improvement in another? ‘What interest has South Carolina in a canal in Ohio?’ And what if Ohio didn’t want it? Why should the national government decide such issues? The sovereignty of the individual states—their rights, their freedom—was being trampled.”

“‘What interest has South Carolina in a canal to the Ohio?’ The answer to that question expounds the whole diversity of sentiment between that gentleman and me… According to his doctrine, she has no interest in it. According to his doctrine, Ohio is one country, and South Carolina is another country… I, sir, take a different view of the whole matter. I look upon Ohio and South Carolina to be parts of one whole—parts of the same country—and that country is my country… I come here not to consider that I will do this for one distinct part of it, and that for another, but… to legislate for the whole.”

Robert A. Caro. Master of the Senate.